An Amazing June at Quest

6 07 2011

June at Quest was an amazing month. So much happened in such a short period of time. I’d love to share some of the exciting highlights. Please continue praying for what God is doing in and through us!

  • First, Rev. Albert Barchue from our partner district in Liberia spoke at Quest on June 5th and spent most of the month with our church family.  I can’t begin to express the God-pride I have in Questers for all their generosity and hospitality. Questers gave over $7,000 to the work of God in Liberia in the short time Albert was here and the new relationships Albert established with Quest and other churches in our district will certainly bear fruit in the coming months and years. Praise God!
  • Not to be outdone, our ONE Worship experience with Restoration Urban Ministries on Pentecost Sunday, June 12th was nothing short of a glimpse of heaven. I was privileged to share God’s Word. Keep praying for Questers and all Christ followers in our community to not only preach, teach and learn God’s Word, but to LIVE God’s Word everyday through acts of humble service to those “like” us and “not like” us.
  • Then, while I was blessed with a couple weeks of vacation, the rest of Quest was blessed with wonderful preaching and teaching from Rev. Gary Ford and Rev. Danny Cox.  These two “elder statesmen” in our United Methodist conference have had a lasting impact on me and Jeremiah respectively.  I was privileged to be able to hear them each preach at Quest this month.  I hope you were too.
  • The last week of this month was our 4th annual mission trip to Red Bird Mission in Appalachia.  I heard from the 10 Questers who went that this was not only fun and community building, but life changing.  You may want to prayerfully consider going on next year’s Red Bird Mission Trip to be held from July 1-7, 2012.
  • I also wanted to share with you that I, along with over 20 Questers completed a 9-month journey through the Bible at the end of June.  The ending of this Disciple Bible Study was bitter-sweet for me.  I learned so much and so thoroughly enjoyed weekly time with the two groups.  I was also blessed to see them grow.  Now for me it’s on to planning for more outreach and discipleship opportunities in the Fall.  Please pray for these Questers to continue to grow in their walk with Christ and reach out with the gospel to others.
  • Finally, I wanted to share with you that at our Annual Conference session (which I asked for prayers about last month), I was elected to represent our conference as one of six clergy delegates to General Conference (the highest decision making body of the UMC).  I was not only honored, but humbled to be thought of as a worthy representative.  However, I covet your prayers as this will be a demanding task culminating at next year’s General Conference held in Tampa, Florida from April 23-May4.  Please pray for me, my family, and the broader United Methodist Church.

As you can see, June was an amazing month. I can’t wait for the REST of the summer!



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