#UMCGC – A Top 10 for a slow day at GC2016

12 05 2016

There were some great things that happened today. Here’s a countdown…

10. I ate Baklava – wow that was good, and I wanted more.

9. Rule 44 was tabled, then taken off the table, and we’ll vote tomorrow – a controversial way for handling sensitive legislation dealing with human sexuality has been proposed. The action on it wasn’t as exciting as the twitter feed about it.

8. The Cubs lost two games today but are still 17 games over .500 and it’s only MAY – no, it’s not good that Cubs lost. That is bad. But their winning percentage is still .758

7. My day ended at 4:45pm – I was only 11 votes away from being elected as a subcommittee chair in the “Faith and Order” legislative committee. If I was elected, I would have been in training until 9pm! I won even though I lost.

6. I met some great people – I met an “adorable” clergywoman named Juliet from Louisiana where she serves as a district superintendent. She had some great stories, but the best was a powerfully redemptive story about her son. I love hearing how God works in amazing ways. Talk with somebody new today – you will be blessed by it. (By the way, “adorable” is an inside joke in case Juliet actually reads this.)

5. I got up early and ran through downtown Portland – It was so beautiful and new that I just wanted to keep on running and was a bit late for my breakfast appointment!

4. I can’t get the song “No Longer Slaves” out of my head – what a great song by Bethel Music. We’ve begun singing it at church and it’s a regular on my iTunes playlist. “I’m no longer a slave to fear; I am a child of God!” Powerful song – check it out here.

3. Did I mention I ate some amazing Baklava? – I really do want more…

2. Great to catch up with an “old” friend, Roger Ross – well, those of you know Roger know that he never looks like he’s aged a day, but its been a long time since we’ve talked long about life and ministry. I am always better for these times.

1. The Episcopal Address was nothing short of inspiring – Bishop Gregory Palmer, my former bishop (2008-12) brought it this morning. Empowered by God he challenged us to be humble and have hope. I can’t do it justice, but if you’d like to watch it, you can here.

That’s all from Portland for today. Enjoy some very amateur pictures from my run this morning.

2016-05-11 05.39.22

A view down the Willamette River in downtown Portland

2016-05-11 05.37.27

Check out the size of that UMC banner!

2016-05-11 05.44.51

A view of the Oregon Convention Center (where GC2016 meets) from across the river

2016-05-11 05.54.28

Only view I could get of Mt. Hood on my run

2016-05-11 05.55.11

The former Rose Garden now called the Moda Center where the Trailblazers play



2 responses

12 05 2016
Dave Huff

Thanks for the updates Andy. I am especially glad the Cubs lost

12 05 2016
Tammie Grimm

Baklava will rot your teeth out – but you will be so happy while it happens, you won’t even care!

Continuing to pray for you all!

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