#GC2019 Update 4 – Take a Deep Breath and Press DELETE

26 02 2019

AbbeyThis was originally a long post, but the Holy Spirit spoke to me and I deleted all except the following:

Today has been extremely frustrating. I’ve again witnessed the reason why very little if anything happens at this level of the church. The majority will of the body can easily be ambushed by parliamentary procedure. In my opinion this has been an example of how easy it is to throw out our “hearts of peace” when “we don’t get our way.”

Lord, help me be more gracious when I don’t get my way. Maybe deleting what I first wrote is a simple first step.





One response

26 02 2019
Cathy Gale

New delegates need to come forward . More people need to be willing to step forward to carry legislative votes. These po eople must be willing to stand on their convictions and not be swayed by “parliamentary ” issues.

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